Sinbad the casino game was developed by Cryptic Studios and published by WMS Entertainment. Sinbad has an interesting history of his own, as told in the Sinbad Casino Game review by James Scholes. A quick background of the game would reveal that Sinbad is actually a former member of the Nixx Guild, and that he had taken up gambling to raise money for his wife's hospital bills.

Now that he got his finances back, Sinbad then decided to open a casino game that features the same symbols from the original but with slightly differing move patterns. Sinbad uses the same symbols as did the original Sinbad but with slightly different spins on each symbol. The difference is that in this game, the more dangerous the symbol is, the higher the payout. This makes this virtual slot machine a true competitor to the likes of Video Poker.

If you are wondering what kind of prizes you can get from playing Sinbad, the short answer is that there are lots of different types of merchandise that can be won. All players get a chance at a free spins that will add to their bankroll, and there are four (4) different Nixx symbols which can be used in this game. If you are thinking that this could be a trap for new players, the simple fact that the symbols look the same as those of popular slot machines like Video Poker, Lotto: Lucky Numberologist, Video Spin System, etc., tells us that you're wrong. Anyone, no matter what experience level they have, can play this great casino game, and enjoy their winnings as well.

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