Panther queen


The Panther Queen is an all-white, wild slot machine from the classic Pragmatic Play series. This wild slot machine has an exciting jungle theme, exotic symbols, exotic bonus symbols, free reels and bonus games. In total there are 8 machines in this version of the classic game. You will need to use your wager to get the balls through the different lanes and continue on to win big.

If you are playing the classic game of slots you may know that you have the option of playing a fixed number of reels. The classic game of slots has the option of playing one of the many wild west symbols like the Wild West, or any other of the symbols associated with this era of America. If you are playing the game on the free slots, you will have the option of playing one of the many symbols associated with the early years of the Wild West like the guns or the cattle. Another symbol you can play is the Wild West saloon, a place where gun fights, robbers and lawmen would hide out. On both the classic machine and the free slots you will find some of the Wild West's most popular icons such as the bank robber, the gold ring and the Wild West sheriff.

You will notice that the icons relating to the Wild West are arranged in a certain way that makes them easier to see. The arrangement of the icons makes it easier for you to see the icons you want to bet on. The placement of the Wild West icon on the 6th reel is also an excellent idea because you will be able to see the icon easily once you start spinning your machine and the bet starts increasing.

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