Jimi hendrix


The Jimi Hendrix slot machine is based around the famous one and only Jimi Hendrix, who is better known as one of the most popular and influential rock and roll performers of all time. With a wild and constantly shifting psychedelic sound, the online slot games celebrates how he transformed the way electric guitar was played forever into something completely different. It takes you back to an exciting time in music history when everyone was starting to experience new things and challenges with their music and sound. It doesn't matter if you are a huge fan of Jimi Hendrix or not, you have to give the slot machines a try just to experience this change of sound and style.

The virtual reality of the online slot game gives you a chance to be inside Jimi's shoes for a minute and explore how he may have felt during his legendary performances. With this unique perspective, you get to make your own Jimi Hendrix inspired decisions while you play the virtual guitar. While many players claim that this is simply another “hypnotic” game where you get the “hits” or the pictures of the colorful faces on the screen, the reality is much different. Although there are some people who claim that it is a form of gambling, it does not feel like one. Instead, it is more of a fun experience that gives you a chance to explore a classic musical sensation and its influence on music and society even after 50 years.

There are a lot of popular artists who inspire Jimi Hendrix such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, King and plenty more, but to make it truly authentic, it needs to have some of the most memorable background music and symbols. Other bonus features include unique graphics and images from around the time, including Jimi's famous hair flipping gesture and a look at his iconic guitar session with his band. With all these wonderful features, it is easy to see why Black Ice has become a phenomenon since its release and why it deserves to be ranked as one of the top online slot games right now.

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