Golden sevens


If you want to play an exciting casino game that is based on luck instead of skill, then Golden Sevens is the game for you! In this free online casino game, you are given 7 cards – one face down and four face up. You can either call or fold, or use the draw option. When you draw, choose the card that you want to bet against. When you call, the other players have to call back (calls are optional). There are no special rules for playing this game; however, if all players are at the same table, the game is referred to as a “sequel” game.

Once you've gotten your initial five coins (the start-up bonus), then it's time to enter the casino and try your luck! Place your stake and, if lucky, the bonus five-line bet will yield not just impressive wins, but a progressive slot machine jackpot too! The aim in Online Casino is usually to land five matching numbers along a straight or non-reel win line. The winning betting patterns in Golden Sevens generally run from left to right around the reels.

At the end of the bonus round, if there are still no prizes, there may be a sudden break in play and the player that has the highest total bets at the end of the session is declared the winner. To determine your actual winnings in Golden Sevens online slot machines, include the bonus winnings when calculating your final line and do not include any additional winnings from the bonus round. If there are any additional sevens or multiples of sevens during your betting session, those amounts will not count in your final analysis. The official rule is that you need to win with at least nine wins for your bonus to count.

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