Feather frenzy


Feather frenzy is a new casino game coming from Novomatic. From the name, it's clear that the focus will be on the birds. New from Novomatic, feather frenzy features a dynamic group of colorful tropical birds as they sing and dance their way towards jackpot prizes. If you're a lover of color and sound, this new online slot might be just right for you. Here's a quick overview of what the game has to offer.

Like all good casino games, the basic gameplay involves spinning a wheel to pick a number or combination of icons. The icons start out in a random order, and the spinning wheel will eventually pick several of them to continue spinning. When all of the icons are spinning, they will line up in a formation that resembles a bird's nest. Players can switch between the different icon sets by clicking on a circle beneath them on the wheel. Once all of the birds are in a solid block formation, the buzzer will sound and the frenzy will begin!

There are several different ways to play feather frenzy, but the most popular way involves automatic spins and the use of paylines. Automatic spins work in a very similar fashion to the original version of the game, where you would select a number or set of numbers to start the sequence, and after selecting a number your machine will randomly spin it and display the result. The advantage of using paylines in this slot game is that you can control how much you want to bet on a single icon, making the payout more even and consistent. In addition to paylines, some machines offer double or triple payout slots as well, so you can stack the odds in your favor!

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