Fairies forest


Fairies Forest is a new online casino game coming from the folks over at the makers of The Casino Game. I have to say, I'm not sure what this game is called, or where it's coming from, but it sure looks pretty cool.

Fairies Forest features many aspects of the old style arcade games we are so used to. See, the biggest feature of this game is the ability to build your own little magical world. You can build trees, creatures, magical wands, and more. There are many different challenges in this game as well, like trying to clear a room of all white objects, or trying to make it so that you can build a staircase that goes up to the highest point. There are even obstacles in the form of other animals trying to eat your special item, like bees, raccoons, and pigs.

Along with all of these fun little features, Fairies Forest also has some solid features and benefits. For example, you earn points when you level up, and those points can be used for prizes, such as special items and gold coins. You can even get bonus prizes every time you win, which is good because it makes the game a little bit more challenging. Some other bonuses include special prizes for playing certain combinations of cards, as well as extra spins with your reel, and special items that can be used on a wheel, among other things.

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