Dragon bond


In this fast-paced casino game Dragon Bond has you controlling a team of dragons trying to defeat the enemy. The aim is for your team to defeat the opponent before time runs out. The game is played on your computer screen with some very simple controls. You need to direct each dragon to attack and stop it from running away as they will soon reach their opponent and be killed off.

The main challenge in Dragon Bond is trying to turn the game off at the end of every round. There are some bonus features included in this game that can help you get points and other prizes if you finish all the games. This includes a free spin with your first five spins after you register for this casino game using a promotional code. When you spin the Dragon Bond slot machine the bonus features will display on screen. Try Dragon Bond for free in free demo mode without signing up or using any download.

Some of the bonus symbols include: dragon head, lion, cross, claw, heart, shield, club, wheel, lioness, dragons, banner, shield. There are also a number of icons used to show different things including: amount of money you have won, the number of coins picked up, time left to play and a list of special icons used. There is even a leader board used with the names of the players along with their scores. You can see the current position of all the players on the leader board at anytime during the game. In the bonus area you can see the symbol for your current winning time. Using the above information, you should easily get an idea of how to play and win Dragon bond online slot machine.

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