Blue wizard


The Blue Wizard is a fast paced slot machine that has a lot of promise for the times that it comes out. Playtech has really pulled out all the stops for the slot and it is an excellent example of what they are able to do. With a high fantasy theme, full of castles, magic balls, and just about anything else fanciful, the Blue Wizard is sure to have a lot going for it right from the theme-section down to the actual games on the site. There are fifty-two different games, including one that takes place on a floating island in outer space. If you get tired of traditional slots, this might be a slot you are interested in.

The main theme of the game is a wizard who is trying to defeat the dragon. The aim of the game is to make the three magical symbols scatter across the screen. When the symbols appear, they fly around the screen, hitting and blocking the other symbols. You want to make sure you get the first three in order to score points. In addition to the flying symbols, there are other obstacles on the game board as well. The objective of the game is to hit all the blue symbols within a certain time period in order to win.

This particular game comes with a large number of different symbols that you can use. Some of them scatter, some float on the screen, and others fall under specific rules. Basically, the more symbols you have the better your chances are of winning. To help you with this task, the game comes with a magical spell book that you must examine before you can cast a successful spell. There are also a number of other aspects that make up the game as well, including a tutorial option that shows you the different moves that you need to make along the way as well as a leader board that you can check to see how you are improving.

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